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The term Components of Computer refers to the “Computer Hardware”  or “Computer Software” or “Liveware” that can be touched or seen. After reading this article completely, you will get to know about the 7 major Components of Computer System.

Computer Hardware : It refers to the physical collection of computer parts. It includes both the internal and external parts of computer, such as  Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Hard Disk , Video Card or Graphic Card, Motherboard etc.

Computer Software : It refers to the the coding/instructions/programs that tell Computer System How to Work. Computer software can be of three types :

• Programming Software

• System Software

• Application Software

Liveware : It is the term which is used in the Computer Industry from more than last 53+ years which refers to the Computer Users who make the Computer Work.

The major Components of a Computer with the common objective are input unit, output unit, Internal Memory/RAM or ROM and CPU.

So, here we begin with the list of 7 Major Computer Components with their functions:

1. The Motherboard - Components of Computer 

Motherboard is simply a Circuit Board which is Printed that contains the principal components of the computer with connectors.

It allows to establish the communication between different Components of Computer System such as communication between  Central Processing Unit – CPU and Memory. It also acts as a connector for other peripherals.

Motherboard - Components of Computer
Motherboard - Components of Computer

2. The CPU - Computer Component

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit .It is also known as main processor or central processor of the computer. It’s function is to carry out the instructions of the computer programs by performing the specified operations on the computer.

CPU’s are mostly made of Silicon. The program instructions are stored in that in form of binary codes.

CPU - Components of Computer
CPU - Components of Computer

3. The RAM - Computer Component

RAM refers to Random Access Memory . RAM is a type of Memory that can be read and written in any order to store binary machine codes. Because of the presence of RAM in the computer , We are able to find the Specific Informations Very quickly .

The Most Common Form of RAM used these Days is Dynamic RAM. The Computer uses the RAM to load Data Directly From a Hard Drive.

RAM Components of computer
RAM - Components of Computer

4. The Hard Drive - Computer Component

HDD (Hard Disk Drives) were introduced by IBM in 1956. The Hard Drive is in the shape of rectangular metal box with the width as like of a book.

A Hard Disk Drive is a device which stores data in electro -magnetic form and to re-collect or read digital information with the help of rigid rapidly rotating disks known as platters.


Hard Drive - Components of Computer
Hard Drive - Components of Computer

5. The Video Card or Graphics Card - Computer Component

It is a hardware that creates the images we see as display on a monitor. Video cards includes a processing unit,a memory, a cooling mechanism and  few connections to a display device.


The Graphics Card are responsible for showing an image to our monitor, it does this by converting data into a signal that our monitors can understand easily.

Graphic Card - Components of Computer
Graphics Card - Components of Computer

6. The Power Supply - Computer Component

A Power Supply is a Device whoose function is to supply electric power to an electronic load.It is also called PSU ( Power Supply Unit) whose function is to supply power to the computer.

A PSU ( Power Supply Unit) converts AC ( Alternate Current) mains to the required low voltage DC ( Direct Current) power for the different components of the computer.

Power Supply - Components of Computer
Power Supply - Components of Computer

7. The Optical Drive - Components of Computer

Optical Drive - Components of Computer
Optical Drive - Components of Computer

An ODD refers to Optical Disk Drive which uses electromagnetic waves and laser lights near the visible light spectrum in order to read or write data.

Optical Disks are used for the purposes of taking backups of small amount of data.They are important part of our PC as it enables us to read or write CD’s , DVDs and Blue Ray Disks.

Finally ,as a result of reading this article on major Components of Computer System, you are now  known to all 7 major Components of Computer  (mentioned above) .

If you have any queries or questions regarding any of the Component of Computer or if you want to know the detailed working of any Computer Component, let us know in the comment section below.We would be happy to answer/solve your queries regarding this post on Computer Components.

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